A TQM (Total Quality Management) system strictly conforming with ISO9002 stipulations has been implemented to cover the processes of product design, fabric selection, production and storage. The quality control breakdown is as follows......

  Litian is above all conscious of the environment. It is the only company in Jiangsu province awarded the SA8000 license. This enables us to guarantee our products are made with the most modern environmental standards and working conditions.
   The Litian Enterprises Co., Ltd.. Professionals with Spirit and History.  
People oriented and united. The Litian Co Ltd.
With the support of Guotai International Group we have established the ^Jiangsu
Guotai Litian Enterprises Co Ltd(^Litian ̄) .          
  We are a state-owned public company that has been engaged in importing and exporting garments
and textile products for many years. With the demands of the international market as our basis, we
are committed to both promoting Chinese goods overseas . ......
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